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Tad’s Gift Certificates!

Give the gift of food without the fuss! A Gift Certificate to Tad’s means spending the evening relaxing and enjoying a house made dinner! You can order by phone: 503-666-5337 Monday-Friday: 8am-3pm

What’s in the Smoker?

Tad’s smoked salmon is legendary.  Did you know we smoke it here? With alder chips harvested from the property?! The salmon is cut and brined for several days and then smoked for several more days, creating a delicious treat that adds flavor to several of our dishes, including our most popular appetizer, The Smoked Salmon Platter.

A watercolor of the street side of the restaurant, ivy almost cover's the old fashioned neon sign. The trees hang over the building their leaves about to change color.

Sarah Lowe, Local Artist

If you’ve visited Tad’s, you may have noticed the attractive cards we have for sale at the front counter. The watercolor painting on the card depicts the iconic Tad’s sign, surrounded by beautiful fall foliage and the wooden wall of the restaurant in the background. When we saw this painting of Tad’s exterior, from local artist Sarah Lowe, we loved …

Enjoy the beauty of the Rainforest during sunny weather, view of the sandy river.

Pacific Northwest Rainforest is Unique

It’s hard to imagine, as you sit enjoying your dinner of chicken n dumplings that the view outside your window started taking shape over two hundred million years ago! Outside the windows of Tad’s you can see the results of a revolution that began long before Tad’s was built in the 1940’s: the flowering plants’ revolution. Two hundred million years …

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Spring: It’s a beautiful time of year here along the Historic Columbia River Highway! We are gaining more sunlight and witnessing the ever changing scenery along the Sandy River. High flood warnings, and allergy seaon begins! As many Oregonians will know, one minute the sky is blue, the sun shining, and the next we could have grey skies with torrential …

Why Tad’s Chic Dump?

Have you ever noticed our historic neon sign is only partially lit on the south side? Tad’s Chic…. Dump…. Wondering why it’s been that way for years? The truth is, each time we attempt to fix the sign, the local folks grumble. It’s long been a landmark and topic of local humor and conversation. Like the time we took the …