Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Spring: It’s a beautiful time of year here along the Historic Columbia River Highway! We are gaining more sunlight and witnessing the ever changing scenery along the Sandy River. High flood warnings, and allergy seaon begins! As many Oregonians will know, one minute the sky is blue, the sun shining, and the next we could have grey skies with torrential rain!

Summer: Short lived, yet flourishing with people, colors, crisp river waters, radios filling the air, backyard BBQs, and the Great Float! This area is a great destination for kayaking, rafting, tubing, swimming and nearly every other activity that involves buoyancy and water!

Fall: This is a very exciting time of year! The leaves begin to change color, the air becomes colder, yet there is still an abundance of sunshine! The Columbia Gorge Historic Scenic Route provides perfect weather for stunning hikes, and windy road trips! The sweaters come out, the food gets more comfy and the drinks start turing warm and cozy!

Winter: The most unpredictable season Oregon has to offer! Will it snow and accumulate 12 inches on the Sandy River banks? Will it be 55 degrees and people in shorts? Flooding, drought, rock slides? One thing is clear: The Sandy’s Winter steelhead are about to emerge!

Fun Facts:

The Sandy gets its cool temperature from its headwaters: the Reid Glacier on the southwest face of Mt. Hood. From here it starts its 56-mile journey ( and 6000 foot drop in elevation) through two counties, fed by numberless streams and creeks to where it joins with the Columbia River in Troutdale very near to Tad’s. Because of the variability in rainfall and temperature, the character of the Sandy can change from month-to-month or even day-to-day. If you have ever wondered why the river can be a muddy green color in the summer, this is because the glacial run-off feeds silt into the river. In the Winter and Fall the river is usually clear (but icy cold.) In the spring, the Sandy can be very brown, a result of lowland runoff from heavy rain and warmer temperatures.

Luckily, you can witness all this change from the comfort of your window seat at Tad’s. Our year-round views of the Sandy River offer a unique Oregon experience: from our dining rooms our guests can appreciate the Sandy river in all of her seasonal moods.

spring2016 spring2016_2(These two pictures were taken on the same day!)