Call ahead seating: 503-666-5337

“Tad’s is our favorite restaurant. I’ve been eating here for probably forty years. The signature chicken and dumplins are great but the pan fried chicken is even better. You can get a dumplin in a bowl with gravy instead of a potato and I highly recommend that you do so with any meal. They are fluffy clouds of heaven with a rich chicken gravy. Their steaks are good and their salmon better. Prime rib can be the special on weekend and it is good too. Their drinks are reasonable and not watered down. Their creamy dill salad dressing is better than ranch. You sometimes have to wait for a table but it is well worth it, there is a cute little bar downstairs. Tad’s is an institution in Troutdale that is worth the drive from anywhere in the Portland area. The historic building and location alone are worth the drive. [ L.G., 3/06/11 ]

“My wife and I were capping off our Oregon coast vacation and heading back the next day, so took the scenic loop to see Multnomah Falls and the other falls along scenic Hwy 30. We happened across this place and thought “dumplings… in Oregon?”. It happened to be highly rated, so we stopped in later for dinner. Wow. It was excellent! We visited around 7:30 on a Tuesday and were seated next to the river. A calming view and some nice summer evening air. I had the chicken and dumplings, my wife had the scallops. Both very good choices. The dumplings are about the size of a softball and I think I got half a chicken in there. I think I could eat on that for a couple days. Probably most of the chicken dishes could be shared. Then we topped it off with some marionberry cobbler and homemade ice cream. Great service for the whole meal. And at a very reasonable price. An excellent ending to our vacation. [ C.H. Trip, 8/ 30/12 ]

“After an amazing afternoon of lazily floating down the river, my group decided to grab dinner (sober up) before making the trek home. On the recommendation of a group member, we gave Tad’s a go.

It was well past 8, dark, and most everyone had gone home, so we got the adorable little restaurant mostly to ourselves. The hostess seated us on the covered deck with an amazing view overlooking the river, sharing the large area with a quiet family, whose little girl had fallen asleep with her head on the table. Most adorable thing ever.

Our server brought out water, a vegetable tray (relish tray?), and hot fresh french bread, and we ordered the chicken + dumplings, pan fried chicken, and pesto chicken with peppers. And a carafe of house wine. Totally drinkable. We went through two, for fun.

The food was a bit of a wait, but once it came out, sizzling and steaming from the kitchen, you understand why. This place actually makes the food. Which was a gigantic relief. I was in no mood to scarf Cisco-packaged home-style prepared food.

My 1/2 pan fried chicken was exactly that, 1/2 a chicken, fried, in a pan. The batter was good, the pieces normal (not mutant big), and so so juicy delicious. It came with mashed potatoes (which were whatever) and mushroom gravy (which was good).

The chicken and dumplings they’re named for come in giant silver urn-like bowls, roughly the size of a football, piled high with fist size dumplings, stewed chicken and gravy, speared indelicately with a giant silver serving spoon for your portioning convenience.

The dumplings are DENSE, but good. And the chicken’s good. And the gravy’s good. Nothing slap-yo-mamma good, but good.

I didn’t have any of the pesto chicken, but my friend enjoyed it, and she’s a picky little thing.

This place is expensive, but the orders are huge, which is why they slap a $2 shared-plate fee on your order, but seriously, when you’re coming up out of the river like Aphrodite, and drained of your will to live, and don’t want to settle for crap food or fast food, this place totally hits the spot. It’s cute, down home, and if you get a spot overlooking the river, makes any float trip complete. Would totally come again. …..also whoever decorated their bathrooms? WHO decorated their bathrooms. Pink toilets, black tile, race car leather chairs?” [ S.E., 8/22/11 ]