Call ahead seating: 503-666-5337

Tad’s Winter Hours

Starting November 1st-we will be switching to our winter hours. Monday: CLOSED Tuesday: 5PM-9PM Wednesday: 5PM-9PM Thursday: 5PM-9PM Friday: 5PM-9PM Saturday: 4PM-9PM Sunday: 4PM-9PM

Spring Ahead!

Now that spring is almost here and we are gaining more daylight, come out to Tad’s Chicken ‘n Dumplins so you can enjoy the ever changing scenery. As many Oregonians will know, one minute the sky will be blue and the sun shining, and the next we could have grey skies and pouring rain! It’s a great view to see …

The perfect gift for that hard to get person!

Can’t find that perfect gift for that hard to get person? Give them a Gift Certificate to Tad’s and spend the evening relaxing and enjoying dinner with them! You can order in person or by phone during regular business hours, 503-666-5337 Monday-Thursday, 5-9pm Friday, 5-10pm Saturday, 4-10pm Sunday, 3-8pm

Fall has arrived!

Fall is here! Fall is an exciting time of year, the leaves begin to change color, the air becomes colder, yet there is still an abundance of sunshine! Why not take advantage of this crisp cool air and sunshine while eating at Tads, where you can sit atop the banks of the Sandy River and view the ever changing scenery …

What’s in the Smoker?

Tad’s smoked salmon is legendary.  Did you know we smoke it here? With alder chips harvested from the property? A batch was put in the smoker today. The salmon is cut and brined for several days and then smoked for several more days, creating a delicious treat that adds flavor to several of our dishes, including our most popular appetizer the …

A watercolor of the street side of the restaurant, ivy almost cover's the old fashioned neon sign. The trees hang over the building their leaves about to change color.

Local Artist Sarah Lowe

If you’ve visited Tad’s lately, you may have noticed the attractive new cards we have for sale at the front counter. The watercolor painting on the card depicts the iconic Tad’s sign, surrounded by beautiful fall foliage and the wooden wall of the restaurant in the background. When we saw this depiction of Tad’s exterior, from local artist Sarah Lowe, …

Boulder on the Highway

People love taking the Historic Hwy from Troutdale to Latourell Falls or even all the way to Multnomah Falls.  The route starts along the Sandy River Gorge, through Springdale and Corbett. The Highway snakes along through stunning views of the Gorge as you pass the Vista House and then heads down to the banks of the Columbia. The going is …

Springtime is the Best Time!

You may be a little confused. You may be asking yourself, what do you mean, now is the best time to come out to Tad’s? I always visit in July! Yes, we agree, summertime is a great time to sip a margarita on our covered patio. But… the smart diners know that springtime is really the best time to visit Tad’s. Why? Because …

Tracks in the Snow

After being closed for the weekend – Tad’s is back open for business! What a beautiful way to spend the evening – watching the snow melt and the Sandy River rise!   When I went to get a photo – I noticed a little racoon and the tracks he left behind!