Boulder on the Highway

People love taking the Historic Hwy from Troutdale to Latourell Falls or even all the way to Multnomah Falls.  The route starts along the Sandy River Gorge, through Springdale and Corbett. The Highway snakes along through stunning views of the Gorge as you pass the Vista House and then heads down to the banks of the Columbia. The going is slow but is well worth the time and has been explored by millions of travelers since it was finished in 1922.

On June 5th, 2014 there was a land slide on the Highway. An unbelievably large bolder let go of its mountainside home and is now resting just North of the Stark street bridge on the Highway.

This does not create a problem for getting to or going from Tads. However it does require tourists to take an alternate route around the site of the slide if they are travelling to the Falls area. Sadly many people have chosen not to come out at all. We are hoping to encourage all of you to spread the word that Tad’s (and Shirley’s Tippy Canoe) are still open and can easily be accessed from the Highway.

Not only that – but if you’re interested the huge boulder is still hanging out on the highway and can best be seen when crossing the Stark Street Bridge (over the Sandy River).

Check out the map on our site for the best way to get to Tads from the Falls area and avoid the landslide – we hope to see you soon. And the good news is there is less competition for a window table!