Springtime is the Best Time!

You may be a little confused. You may be asking yourself, what do you mean, now is the best time to come out to Tad’s? I always visit in July! Yes, we agree, summertime is a great time to sip a margarita on our covered patio. But… the smart diners know that springtime is really the best time to visit Tad’s.

Why? Because you can take advantage of the pleasant weather, fewer crowds and the fact that tomorrow at least, the sun doesn’t set until after 8:00 pm! And you know what they say, the early birds catch the best views! Don’t wait the months of April, May and June are the perfect time to visit Tad’s.

After a day spent hiking in the gorge, or a walk in the park, or antiquing in historic Troutdale, take advantage of the daylight hours; watch the spring blossoms float down into the Sandy River over a bowl of homemade soup, chicken and dumplings, or one of our fresh salads. And, as you know, the sunsets will happen later and later until the summer solstice in June. So right now, actually, is the best season for a visit to Tad’s. The foliage is in bloom, the river runs with crystal clear Mt. Hood runoff, and if you time your dinner just right, you can catch a beautiful sunset over coffee and dessert.

Because you know what they say, the early birds catch the best views! Don’t wait until summer to visit us.