Tad’s is for Dads






Did you know that before I-84 was built, Tad’s was right next to a wilderness area, known locally as 1000 acres?  It’s this kind of history that makes Tad’s special and it’s our commitment to quality, service and local tradition that makes Tad’s the ideal place to bring your dad on Father’s day. Tad’s hasn’t changed much in its more than sixty year history, and there are not many places that can claim that type of authenticity.

Whether your father has been coming here for years, or for the first time, eating at Tad’s is a special experience that you and your family will never forget. We’ve always been a family restaurant and have actually been owned by the same family since the 1950s, so it’s no surprise that we’re a favorite when it comes to Father’s Day.

On father’s day you can get your dad a nice card, a goofy tie, or some golf clubs, but what he’ll probably value most, is time spent with his family. Spend that time with us at Tad’s Chicken n Dumplins!

We will be open on Father’s day, June 16th, from noon until ten pm.