Tad’s Talks


The agenda at our Tad’s storytelling nights is clear: tell great stories and eat amazing food. For the last six months, every third Monday of the month, Tad’s Chicken n Dumplins has been hosting one of the most unique events in the Portland area: Tad’s Storytelling Night, or “Tad’s Talks” as it has been affectionately called.

April’s event was one of the best yet. Storyteller Rueben Nisenfeld began the night with a story from his early adulthood working at a somewhat shady auto dealership. Jenny Forrester followed with a story about rural America, guns and single mothers. Cooper Lee Bombardier brought us all to tears with his tale about his work as a cook at an AIDs hospice and what happened the day Ms. America visited the patients.

We had some special guests this month. Gretel and Gustav Baur wowed us with their Celtic fiddle playing. They are scheduled to play at our next Tad’s Storytelling night on May 20th.

After hearty applause Gretel and Gustav relinquished the stage to host Martha Grover and her tale of a traumatic confrontation in a San Francisco diner. Jess Firestone lightened the mood and ended the night with the hilarious story of her dental misadventures.

Join us for our next storytelling event on May 20th. Please note that this event is not appropriate for small children. If you are interested in being a storyteller at Tad’s Talks, you are encouraged to attend an event and then please email host Martha Grover at marthagrover@hotmail.com.